Oh Hey 2015, Let's Be Friends.

"Man Was Made For Joy and Woe"

365 days ago, like most humans during the cosmic clean slate of the new year, I was deep in some New Year's resolution pondering.  I'd been really enjoying creating photo manipulations from stock photos, seeing what sorts of critters and creations I could dream up, but something wasn't quite there yet. I finally started shooting a few of my own photos to edit at the end of 2013 and I could tell I'd found my calling. So there I was, staring the unknown-ness of 2014 right in the face and it hit me - there was no reason why I shouldn't be shooting photos all the time, and making a name for myself in the photography world. I had all the tools at my fingertips; I just needed to start using them!!  

I was looking at all of these successful (or at least fairly well known) Flickr photographers, but instead of being bitter and jealous I decided I was going to be one of them, and more importantly I was going to be friends with them. I said to 2014, "Listen here 2014, this year I'm going to leave Past-Bert behind and become all that is ROBERT CORNELIUS PHOTOGRAPHY!! (Well technically I've always been Robert Cornelius Photography, but this year I wanted people to KNOW IT!) I'm going to shoot whatever crazy concept comes to mind, Photoshop the crap out of everything (because that's what I enjoy), and then get my art in front of as many people as I can."  

On the very first day of 2014 I set these goals...

  • Meet, befriend, and collaborate with other photographers
  • Revamp my website
  • Create a TON of new work
  • Try my hand at self portraiture
  • Shoot outside the studio 
  • Get my art into some shows 
  • Oh yeah and get married to the love of my life. *giant heart eyes emoji times a thousand*

Well friends, I did it - all of it - and I couldn't be happier with the year that I've just lived.

It was EXACTLY one year ago that I was thinking all these resolution-ary thoughts and getting crazily inspired from the inside out. My creative juices were hitting the boiling point and steam was about to start pouring out of my ears, making that high-pitched, "It's time for a cup of tea," noise we all know and love. I just couldn't let all of this motivated energy go to waste; what was I waiting for!?  I scampered on down to the studio and spent the first day of last year jumpstarting my portfolio with a slew of self portrait composites. I don't think you people realize just how many of my images were born that day. It's like my brain was on inspiration overdrive and I was going to use every last drop to my advantage. That's right, all of the images you are about to scroll through were taken on January 1st 2014. Obviously they were released slowly over a span of several weeks (because I'm an editing spaz who could Photoshop one image until the cows come home....where are those cows anyway?.....), so I imagine many of you thought I was shooting them one at a time. Anywhooo, brace yourselves and get your eyeballs prepped to marvel at all of the images that I shot in one day last year.

 Ok, so it's only five images, but I must say that five portfolio-worthy shots is pretty impressive for one day of shooting. *pats self on back* Aaaannnnd...wait for it...there's a 6th image from that day. I know I know, you're so freakin' excited to see this mysterious 6th image, how are you even still sitting down!? Well, you've actually seen it already. My new image "Man was made for Joy and Woe" that I released today (you might have noticed it at the top of this post...) is actually an "outtake" from last year. (I ALWAYS save my extra shots because you never know when one might come in handy later.) It just seemed fitting to revisit the shoot that was my leap into the fine art world and my jumpstart to 2014. Why shouldn't I let that shoot fuel my 2015 as well? Also blah blah blah something about things coming full circle, something old something new, and stuff about an old dog and new tricks...except I'm not old, and it's actually kind of an old trick since I have a whole series of smoke images already....but I digress.  

Last year was indescribably fulfilling and entirely incredible.  I made tons of new photography friends whom I can't wait to see again and many whom I look forward to meeting in person for the first time (you know who you are). *Cough cough Chris Rivera cough* I did SO MANY different shoots, several that I've yet to edit. I got married to my best friend and favorite human Sara, and we got to do some much-needed world traveling. I don't know if you've heard yet, but I started a blog, and having my very own cozy little corner of the internet where I can just be me has been such a wonderfully fun addition to my life. I'm insanely lucky to have found an existence that makes me so very happy... all the time. I'm a generally happy person anyway, but it doesn't hurt that everyday I get to climb out of bed, walk my silly dog, go to a job that I still can't believe I get paid for, make art and share it with the world, have this outlet that's connected me with so many wonderful people, and to top it all off I get to spend my time with this beautiful woman that I tricked into marrying my crazy ass. Silly girl.

Well here I am now, staring the vast unknown-ness of 2015 in the face and I'm overjoyed and ridiculously, obnoxiously, overpoweringly excited to embark on my next adventures. Who knows what awesomenesses will be in store for me this year? Life is pretty dang awesome.

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