Hello Internet...I am a Photo Blogger now.

I, Robert Cornelius, have decided it's about time I become a blogger, but where do I start? 
Here's where I believe it all began ... For most of my early childhood (somewhere below the ripe old age of 10), my parents owned and operated a pizza restaurant called "Corny's Cozy Corners," centrally located in the middle of nowhere in the rolling Amish countryside of Ohio. This was a very interesting and wonderful place to grow up. There was no cable or anything at the restaurant to keep my older sister Katelyn and me occupied all day, so a lot of imagination was required to keep us entertained for hours on end. Subsequently I also did A LOT of drawing.

Lookin like a total boss/young male model on the giant wooden swing set next to our house. Please note my classy velcro barney sneakers.  

Nestled in the big red leathery booth closest to the kitchen is wear my first art pieces came to life. Most of ... ok, all of my pictures were of dragons, wizards, castles, unicorns, and creatures of my own imagination. I was obsessed with all things magical and loved to make images of things you couldn't just go take a picture of in everyday life. Basically nothing has changed except that I upgraded from a booth, the back of a waitress pad, and some crayons to a desk, camera, Wacom tablet and a 30 inch monitor. I still seem to be creating all things fantasy and surreal. My imagination has grown up right along with me and I am so thankful to be exactly where I am today. I feel I have found my calling, and it told me to tell you all about it!  Perhaps this blog is more for me than anyone else, and that's fine. I can keep track of my life as I travel down this exciting path, but I whole-heartedly appreciate any and all of you who care to tune in and ride along with me on this exciting journey into the magical world of art and photography. I promise to be posting lots more educational-type stuff, tips, tricks, behind the scenes, and inspiration!  

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