I don’t “capture moments” or “save memories” – I prefer to CREATE them instead. I’m a photographer (as you should hopefully know by now), but I am nothing without my magical Photoshopping powers. I’ve been taking pictures professionally since 2008, and Photoshopping like my life depends on it since 2003.

When I’m not bringing some kind of crazy concept to life, I enjoy being active, cycling, running, climbing, going to the gym, long walks on a moonlit beach, and all that good stuff.

I’m always up for spontaneous adventures, because what is life without experiences?

I love to travel and do so whenever humanly possible. (So feel free to hire me if you live in Hawaii, Tahiti, Antigua, or anywhere tropical .... or anywhere at all new and exciting for that matter, I'm not picky!)

I sing in the shower and the car, and have a terrible karaoke addiction. Sorry not sorry.

I could eat nothing but Chinese food and be happy forever.

I’m married to Sara, the prettiest, smartest, most fun girl in the world. (She's also quite handy when I need a female model last minute!)

I have a hilarious border collie/black lab/golden retriever mutt/best friend named Gilmour. If you ever need to check up on him, kindly go view #gilmourgrams on Instagram. You're welcome.

I’m silly, crazy and ridiculous in the best sort of way. (At least I hope so...)



Please enjoy these epic selfies, because I don't always have a model ... and I have no shame.