Here you can get ahold of Robert to share a story, ask a question, set up a mentouring session, book a shoot, or just chat about art, life, and creativity. Lets be friends!

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Interested in setting up a once in a lifetime photo shoot!? (Well probably more than once in a lifetime, because we're going to become best friends and you'll want to do shoots all the time.) Then send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible so we can start to figure out what piece of art we are going to bring to life!


Want to learn some crazy skills right from the horse's mouth? Ok, so I'm not a horse, but I do have a mouth and will use it teach one on one Skype mentoring for $100 per hour session! Not only can you talk to my face, but I can share my screen so you can watch me edit, see my zillions of Photoshop layers, and ask me questions. I've taught all skill levels from all over the world, given portfolio critiques, edited students photos from scratch, and all kinds of fun educational type things. You could be next, lets hang out and make some art!