Creating The Fate Sisters

So last year I created an image called "The Thread of Life" inspired by Greek mythology for which I did some research on "The Fate Sisters" (by research of course I mean I Googled it). Thanks to my intensive knowledge-gaining process I obtained the following information: "The Sisters of Fate" aka "The Fate Sisters" aka "the Fates" were originally known by the Greeks as the "Moirai." In all of the different versions of the myth there are always three entities. 

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It happens to us all at one point or another (usually at many points), when you have a desire to create some artsy art, but no fantastical ideas. It's quite frustrating. You could just start shooting like a crazy person with no plan, but who would do that? One of my favorite things to do when I'm ready to shoot, but not sure where to begin, is to find an object to inspire me and then plan around it before I start shooting. For me, the very best place to do this is in the prop warehouse at work. (Yes I know, it's not fair. I have access to zillions of props. How the heck did I get so lucky!?) During the more than 30 years that the studio has been open, they have been acquiring props. Mainly these trinkets are from doing shoots for clients and them just leaving items here with us to use for future shoots. We have seriously anything you can think of. (Please don't actually test me on that. It's probably not totally true, but we have A LOT.)

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